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Powerful professional sprayer CleanMaster CM 80 for different applications. GLORIA sprayer SM 80 is indispensable for jobs that require a spray liquid containing the composition of acid or alkali. CM 80 plastic sprayer and particularly its spacers are made from a proprietary material Buna EP (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber), which is not deformed with aggressive compositions. Key Applications sprayer GLORIA SM 80: cleaning, production, car, etc.

The tank can fill with 8 liters of liquid and operate without refueling for a long time.

The tank is manufactured from durable thick plastic. The maximum pressure inside - to 3 bar.

The pump does not corrode, it has increased the size that will make it possible to use the sprayer without pumping rates long enough.

Extension tube manufactured from a strong plastic material and has a length of 0.5 m.

The warranty on this model sprayer Gloria - 12 months. Buy sprayer Gloria Clean Master CM80 can be called back to us or use the site.

Spray GLORIA CleanMaster SM 80 to be used with the following reagents:

Nitric acid up to 10%;
Acetic acid 10%;
Propionic acid 10%;
Hydrochloric acid 10%;
Phosphoric acid up to 30%;
Sulfuric acid 30%;
Potassium acid lime up to 20%;
sodium hydroxide 20%.
Oil containing liquids.

Manufacturer country Germany
Recommended operating pressure (bar) 3
Pump pneumatic pump
Hull material high-quality plastic
Capacity 8,0 l
Tested by TUV / GS yes
Safety valve yes
Сarry Belt Included
Adjusting the spray jet yes
Manometer no
Oil-resistant no
Acid-proof yes
Compressor Connection no

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